Tuesday, December 1, 2009

shopping cart

After much back-and-forth (my fault entirely), I now have an appointment to meet with Monica at MCBA, where she will give me a lesson on the Kelsey 5 x 8 platen-press. She's also kindly emailed me a pdf of an original Kelsey manual, so I can piece together my crated mess upstairs.

And I've begun the slow process of ordering supplies. Monica will email me a price list of her available materials, but I've begun to stock up on a few things:

:: two new rollers, one with trucks on etsy
:: form string, galley magnets, 12" and 9" quoins and quoin key, rawhide mallet, half pint dispenser can, soap, etc. on NA Graphics as well as the insects ornaments and ink scrapers and knives

I've also emailed Don Black about composing sticks and will order font through M & H Graphics.

It's a great investment, this.