Thursday, December 2, 2010

weekend class at mcba: the intentional page

I had forgotten the peace of that smooth rhythm, sewing the signatures together. I need to return to the full-length course on introductory bookbinding and then maintain that practice. My friend Meryl has amassed quite the collection in her mentorship experience.

The book we bound was one on intentional design--making font decisions, placement choices, the terminology of the book designers world. This class called to me when faced with the great privilege of designing my own book cover. I did not love what I did with the photographs I had, though I knew what I loved from my own bookshelves. But I couldn't translate that to the page.

Fortunately, my little sister could and came up with the front and back that is at the printer now.

I feel comfortable taking a photograph, but its transformation is beyond me. I do love the quiet peace of needles and paper, of linen thread and blocks of beeswax. It brings a certain calm.